Sunday, 1 January 2012

Neo maxi zoom DB

As a free mixtape, DB Tha General's quality control on I Invented Gas is exercised far less stringently than for his exclusive iTunes/Amazon releases like The Young OG II and The King Of Oakland, but here's the 3 reasons why I'm glad the 'tape popped up today in my feed on this bleary opening afternoon of 2012 :

DB Tha General - 1 Million Bars
(From I Invented Gas mixtape; 2012)

1. We now have an MP3 of 1 Million Barz, possibly the only Rap song to accidentally namecheck a cast member of 'Allo 'Allo..

2. Originally set for release in late november, we now know that "I'm leaking this shit for y'all over the weekend" is Rap release code for "it'll finally appear online over a month later than scheduled on the first day of the new year, my dudes!"

3. Bitch Azz N*ggaz is the best throwback Mob music jam since '40 hit us with the triumvirate of Takin' 'Em Back, Mr Flamboyant 2K11 and My Money Straight last march :

DB Tha General - Bitch Azz N*ggaz
From I Invented Gas mixtape; 2012)


done said...


His "cheeeeeez" might be better than Master P's, no mean feat.

Billy Patrick said...

If you're further wondering what makes this tape worse than his others, he claimed to have completed the whole thing in 7 hours. Very confusing.

nyquil said...

This Bitch Ass N*ggaz song is a fucking slapper!