Monday, 25 April 2011

Firm Biz remix live on Keenan Wayans' show

Fooken' women, right? They moan about gender equality, but then aren't prepared to throw on the matching indigo jean-suits and wheat Timbs like the the rest of the crew when it's show time because they wanna parade around in their bra and knickers flashin' their shit on stage like they're the stripper in Carry On Behind :

The Firm ft. Half-A-Mill - Firm Biz remix (1997)

The only way Nas can ever clamber his way back in my good books is if he puts out another Lost Tapes album with the hitherto unreleased dirty version of the Firm Biz remix on it. I've already posted about that, so here's Half-A-Mill's full solo re-recording of it from his Da Hustle Don't Stop album five years later. Basically, Tony Touch should do a mixtape where all my favourite east coast rappers get busy over World's Famous :

Half-A-Mill - World Famous (2002)

Such a great rapper in the slightly less cerebral and more trife version of AZ mold, but you'd probably never have realised that if all you've heard are his 2 official albums. All praises to Verge for finding and cleaning up the one joint to leak from his evasive 1995 demo with DJ Scratch, and zipping it up with with various other 90s Milliato rarities like his 1994 indie 12", unreleased cuts and a multitude of freestyles a couple of years back on over on T.R.O.Y.


brad said...

always thought this was just an underground song, not one they'd do on telly.

The Great Gats, B said...

Yeah, it is quite surprising.

I love how Foxy sounds so shrill and excited live when she always sounds so measured on record.

Anonymous said...

rest in power to half-a-mil, too bad son never got to blow up