Sunday, 20 February 2011

Who got the State Props?

Can't say that I'm particularly enthusiastic about a new Dipset album given that Salute amounted to little more than a bunch of slightly modified lines from other songs over cacophonous Gabba by DJ Nosferatu, a Hot Boy$ reunion album at this point in time would probably feature Drake and Tyga taking the places of B.G and Turk so it's better it never comes to fruition, and the Mob Figaz seem a little too fractured to be able to congregate together for a full project as a unit currently; but now Peedi is out of prison I wouldn't say no to a third State Property album, or even an official mixtape in the vein of Beanie's Public Enemy # 1 if it featured some posse cuts like this much underrated single from 2009 :

Young Chris ft. Freeway & Beanie Sigel - Last 2 (2009)

Chris and Free trading bars and finishing each other's lines like Run Dmc or Juve' & B.G over a beat which appears to include such random noises as the teleport beams in Battle Beyond The Stars and the sound that the smoke monster from Lost made whenever it appeared would be good enough as it is, so Beanie arriving with one of those OTT violent verses that've been his trademark on almost every State Prop joint over the past 3 years (Oceans Seven, Live In Effect, Cyphr which somehow made Wale sound hardbody, and Ready For War) is akin to finding a hot librarian chick with added slut tendencies, and the song is so good that it can even survive the kiss of death that is someone using the axiom ‘this is real hip hop!’ on it. So why was didn't this shit make much of a ripple? Because the news that Beanie and State Property were throwing a strop because Jay-Z was ignoring them completely overshadowed any of the music they dropped that year (also see : The Ghetto by Beanie, the sort of song he does so much better than anyone else presently active on the east coast and as close as he's come to following up Feel It In The Air) and nobody could find a full version of this at the time.

After the quality of production they can command nowadays, the prevailing worry with a new State Prop' album is that it could end up as an extended stockpile of butthurt disses about Jay-Z defriending Young Chris on Facebook or not sending Freeway an Xmas card, and it'd be sad to see Beanie go the way of Jayo Felony or 2001 - 2006 era Prodigy since embroiling one's self in combat with Jay-Z seems to be the rap equivalent of a visit to the Overlook Hotel (built on the blood of forefathers like Jaz-O, it turns men into maniacs and forever submerges them in its evil); but it's possible that this tactic could work in their favour since Peedi got jokes about Jay and most of Beans' verses are about torturing some unspecified nemesis of his anyway so it might as well be the camel.


hl said...

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a project with just Bean, Peedi, Chris, & Freeway.

Or even just the duo of Peedi and Free would be ill. They have good chemistry.

The Great Gats, B said...

Yeah, let's just get rid of Neef and Oschino entirely.

step one said...

Rappers need to start forming groups again. Theres too many of them that for whatever reason (creative/business/personal) cant hold it down as solo artists.
SOme new State Prop with decent production would be more than welcome though.