Saturday, 25 September 2010

ZOMG - is E-40 swagger jacking Lil B???

Example # 1 : Lil B floods the internet with video singles; E-40 then shoots a multitude of videos for his Revunue Retrievin' double-set (there's, like, what - ten or eleven so far?) including one for the ridiculous Undastandz Me.

Example # 2 : Lil B writes a book about his life so far where he explains the BASED philiosophy; E-40 then puts out a book with the other members of The Click on how they came to be successful in the bidnizz :

Anyone read this yet? I'd like it to be full of amusing anecdotes and gossip from '40 and B-Legit, but have a bad feeling it'll probably be boring ruminations on the machinations of the rap industry and tiresome yarns about "grinding" by Suga-T and D-Shot. Still, might be worth a look if there's old pictures of The Click like this in it :

And on the subject of '40 and his family members, Cousin Fik's Bay Area 51 with the verse from Earl was a good single if you happen to be partial to sparse Bay slaps which mention a nineties sitcom that starred John Lithgow and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the hook, but as far as Fik's No Gravity mixtape from a few months back went, the title track was some sunkissed Bay shit (with a P.S.K drum pattern, no less) which was the perfect companion to '40 & Short's Bitch during the eleven days of summer we got in the UK this year :

Cousin Fik - No Gravity

Will there ever come a time when I'll ever tire of lines which equate chicks giving fellatio to using mouth-powered musical instruments? The "so bitches wanna blow me like a bagpipe" line in this and the Sid James-ish chuckles it still elicits from me indicate probably not, no. Just a pity that this and Bay Area 51 were the only good joints on the mixtape (at one point, Cousin Fik would've been a rapper who dropped a couple of nice 12"s and a handful of good compilation tracks, but nowadays even the lowliest of weed carriers can put out 15 song+ mixtapes) because that Let's See cut of his from the Sick Wid It Umbrella album a couple of years back was promising, and one of the better songs on there after this :

E-40 ft. B-Legit, Laroo, & Mugzi - Showin' Out

B-Legit's verse, man.


hl said...

I'm sorry, off topic, but what's that white woman's name from the previous post?

done said...

showin out goes but im mannish with turf and 40 is my favourite.

i always thought it was a waste that 40 never keeps the best beats for himself, like on the machine if you replaced all the weed-carrier's verses wit ones by himself, turf talk and b-legit (i think theyr up with rae and ghost in unofficial group terms)it would have blown ghetto report card out the water. its got the "gouda"s and "go hard or go home"s all it would need is a single fuckin with tell me when to go. a lotta the best beats on revenue retrievin had heaps of guests too

case in point - game related and lil bruces album had way more slaps than mail man or in a major way despite using the same producers

MF said...

HL - it's Christina Hendricks who plays Joan in Mad Men.

Done, yeah, I'm Mannish is great. Can't Slow Down too.

Totally agree about the overambundance of weed carrier guest spots on Revenue Retrievin', especially the Night Shift disc. Ya Boy and The DBz really need to piss off.

hl said...


done said...

i concur and i nominate ya boy as most generic rap name evar. at least the game is unintentionally hilarious, i play this game where i try n spot the name drops and it actually makes his music enjoyable.

i think noz said somethin along the lines of that most of the guests are cool but they sound shit next to 40 water. the only people i thought kept up were some of the older dudes like short and dru down, short especially. - "were bosses, gettin head in th office"

yeh cant slow downs great

done said...

oh and who are the two dudes in the front of the click photo?

MF said...

It's Mugzi and Tap Dat Ass from The Mossie. Picture is from 1989 I think.

Ya Boy wouldn't have been such a bad moniker if it was Ya Boy Marvin or Ya Boy Chauncey or Ya Boy Seymour or something. Like dude from Pen & Pixel told Louis Theroux, you've gotta have a name which is monumental.

done said...

ha Ya Boy Seymour! yeh i also hate when rappers change their names after theyr established, im never callin camp lo "the lo", ya boy boy young mess bein the obvious exception. also am i the only one who thought kingpin skinny pimp is the funniest rap name ever?

what name did louis end up pickin again?, i remember it bein classic

MF said...

After mulling over MC Louis, Ice Louis, and Louis Lou, they plumped for plain Louis Theroux

Can't forget Killer Mike's transformation into Mike Bigga either. Great career move with that one.