Wednesday, 28 July 2010

White raps, the internet responds

So, we've been talking about the Codename video by Jeezy's newest signing to CTE White in the comment section to my white rapper appreciation post, and I think we've all come to the conclusion that a 40-something southern caucasian Crip rapper whose 3 main influences in life appear to be Drexel from True Romance, Jeezy's '04/'05 heyday, and Ted Dibiase's entrance video is a game changing moment that we'll all be able to look back on in 30 years time and tell our grandchildren where we were when we first heard it in 2010. Has the genre of Rap merely been treading water since the release of Rapper's Delight in 1979 awaiting the arrival of White? I'm not sure, but White is Crippin' so damn hard that even his chauffeur-driven vintage car has a blue rag hanging off the left side.

White - Codename

But what does the rest of the internet think about it? Let's find out :

1 month ago
one month later this is still the best song this year

2 days ago
who the fuck would sign this white piece of shit no offense

3 days ago
i can actually call this white boy a nigga. He must have done some real shxt

5 days ago
what's sad is that he's actually a better than a lot of these "trap rappers" like Waka Flocka and OJ Da Juiceman

1 week ago

2 weeks ago
I'd beat the metal out of this wiggers' mouth!

3 weeks ago
I don't know why all these people hating on white for, questioning the homie if he real crippen or not,. most of you internet thugs on youtube aint never even see real gangsta shit. and no getting into a fight in high school dont count too cuzz. props to white, keep it up.

3 weeks ago
This shit whack as hell, this dude got gray hairs in his goatee! he's trying to get on at 40yrs old please.

3 weeks ago
to yall that dont know this boy is straight street certified if yall wanna talk smack go to ATL till then get the fuck off whits nuts.... swisher filled with strong

4 weeks ago
is this dude 50 or a drug addict
and also whats with them packing huge bars green soap in bags lol

1 month ago
man fuck dat im gone hate i hate white boy rappers 4 every dirty ass white boy rapper theres like 10 blackboys with 2xs the skills waiting 2 blo if dat white boy was 2 bring anything threw 2 me coke or weed id beat his dreads to a mullet then take his shit

1 month ago
Ok I gotta say it I have known this kid since middle school he is not from the hood he just an avg kid that sold bud like all the rest of us did his voice doesnt even sound like that at all I thought he was kidding when i saw this, several people who have known him watched and laughed it is so comical, his gray hair is probably from diabetes he has had since we were kids but dont let him fool ya I have punked him he is ridiculous for doing this i am still in shock it isn't a joke!

1 month ago
Yo flocka sucks and he should be killin your ass for copin his style. Take a fucking shower. Tell your driver to drive you off a fucking cliff bro. Smoke rap poison. SPend all your money on a huge gun and blow your goddamn head off. Reach G20. Get stopmed Fool. KCE MUH FUGGAH

1 month ago

1 month ago
yeeeee ghetto white rapper!! going back to 2002 8)

1 month ago
LoL @ the lyrics

Wonder how many STD'S he has from fucking black bitches.

Black people are born with them right?

1 month ago
I really think Jeezy was trolling the rap world when he brought this guy into his crew.

1 month ago
black women stop acting like white women and put some damn clothes on. the white man has fucked you and thrown you away, and now our men are doing the same damn thing. respect yourself! white people pimped our asses out and now we just keep the shit up while they sit back and laugh at our dumb ass. Wake up!

1 month ago

1 month ago
he haz no teeth
fuckin dizgrace too

1 month ago
It's like Pippi Longstocking's ugly older sister.

1 month ago
lose tha dreads nigga!!!!

1 month ago
He's as hard and talented as any black rapper, even sounds black, can be Screwed and Chopped, but because black folks hate "whitey" they are embarassed to be shown up in their own style

2 months ago
can white people even be crips?

2 months ago
This dude real u can tell cause half his beard is white that means he almost got killed got a homeboy that was almost killed and his half his beard and one eyebrow turnd white and he was a real mothufuckin d-boy

2 months ago
LMFAOOOOOO, Look at that intrepid on walmart rims at 2:28

2 months ago

3 months ago
this guy is a sex offender thats why he use a code name

3 months ago
first you get the money, then you get the women, then you get the code name.

3 months ago
were u download dis track

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d said...

"drexel from true romance" - i knew somethin rang a bell. and i bet hes just as gully too, fuk da haterz. although they are some of the more entertainin youtube comments in a while. born wit stds, sheesh.

i would totally listen to a white album, or at least attempt to.

The CritIQ said...

White'll probably win lots of MOBOs but no prizes for that 'codename.' In the words of a pre-twathead-sellout Common, "I stick out like a nigga in a hockey team." As the only greying, middle-aged whiteboy in a Black street gang, I would've thought "PDP (Positive Descrimination Peeedo)" would be a more fitting Alias. To be fair, he fronts music that's no worse than most of the shit already pushed by 1Xtra/Choice/Channel AKA.

2SHIN said...

My perma-tan vanilla thug boy Riff Raff got this hip-hop game on lock:

I actually googled this guy to make sure it wasn't just a really spot on parody.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Riff Raff's pumpkin chain might just be the most incredible piece of jewellery I've ever seen.

2010 is the year the White Rapper returns with a vengeance.

d said...

im torn, riff raff's got the flow "dunkin on you dorks, front page the source, got your wifewanadvorce" "trappin in iran got me dodgin trashcans" - so if lefraks iraq, irans....dallas?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I was totally unaware of this development, but, yeah, it appears so.

CNN vs Riff Raff beef, asap, plz Rap Gawds.