Friday 16 July 2010

Wanted dead or alive # 3 : any No Limit era Curren$y shit

Curren$y ft. Nesby Phips - Prioritize

The Romans may have lived in an age where even the peasants were invited to glorious orgies and people in 2020 might have Tardis' with wood-grain consoles and 40" plutonium rims on them, but I'm just happy to be alive in the era when a new Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva recording surfaces online every day and I can listen to the 320kbps leaked version of Curren$y's Pilot Talk album weeks before my import cd eventually turns up through the post. Out of the previously unleaked stuff from Pilot Talk, I'm not really hearing anything I like as much as Prioritize or Address, and he definately isn't rapping as well as he did on This Ain't No Mixtape where he rapped the arse off of Get It Ya Self or Scared Of Monsters and executed his chosen theme so well on Elevator Musik, but this is an impeccably produced album and I'm really looking foward to giving it a full length road test tomorrow night.

That's not this post is about, though; I've been trying to find some of Curren$y's No Limit era recordings for a while now to no avail as all Google searches bring up are lyrics or interviews where he mentions being on the label. Anybody got any links, or song titles, or information on his No Limit days? Is it really possible that there could be a Curren$y & C-Murder song out there somewhere?

In the mean time, the closest I've got to any sort of Curren$y-on-No-Limit-situation to appease my needs is his freestyle over 'Bout It, 'Bout It from the Smokee Robinson mixtape. Kinda funny that he's rhyming over the instrumental to/lyrically interpolating part 3 by Dipset instead of the Naw'leans classic part 2 by Master P & Mia X, but apt since only a one-eyed N.O purist could deny that part 3 is the definitive version of the song.

Curren$y - 'Bout It freestyle

* EDIT *

Thanks to the commenter SB for the info that Curren$y featured on the 2nd 504 Boyz album Ballers in 2002. Never bothered to check that album out before and this single completely bypassed me at the time since it was never played by Westwood and MTV Base or ever featured on AKA my 3 channels for discovering new non-Dungeon Family/Rap-A-Lot/Ca$h Money/8Ball & MJG/Three 6 Mafia/Ludacris southern-Rap in 2002. Look at young Curren$y in a red headband and a tall-tee sitting in one of P's Lambos and P riding an elephant :

504 Boyz - Get Back

You'll also spot T-Bo, No Limit's token post-Eminem cracka rapper, up in this video goin' spam (white ppl can't really go ham, can they?) as he appears to be the other new member of the 504 Boyz mk.2 alongside Curren$y (or Currency as he was known back then), Choppa, and some other No Limit third-stringers. T-Bo actually dropped the definitive cornrows-&-rhodium-fronts southern whigga-core opus when he released Who Dem Boys? with Mike Da Hustla before signing with No Limit. 'S all about the title track, Tore Up From Da Flo Up, #1 Headbusters, the Phil Collins interpolating I Hear Bullets and their semi-remake of U.N.L.V's classic Mystikal dis Drag Em Thru The River.

Classic ashamed-whigga-trying-to-fool-people-that-they-might-be-vaguelly-ethic move on the cover with them both having their backs turned to look racially ambiguous too. A tactic which would later be adopted by every single white rapper on Myspace trying to disguise the fact that they're actually caucasian, so T-Bo & Mike were pioneers in numerous fields :


SB said...

He was a member of the 504 Boyz on their 2nd cd ‘Ballers’ and his ‘Sportscenre’ mixtape came out when he was on No Limit.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, I have the Sportscentre mixtape. I think that was post-No Limit, pre-Ca$h Money, though.

Never knew he was on that 2nd 504 Boyz album, though. Info is much appreciated.

2SHIN said...

Droppin' jewels as per usual.

I'm kinda still waiting for you to do a post on Cam'ron and his Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Cam's I.B.S is both a symbol of the dangers of abusing cheap booze and how unfortunate medical conditions can also yield positive side-effects like weight-loss.

Asher said...

Oh no, Part One is the best version of the song and I say that as someone who thinks "your moms, robbin' and rapin' her, Saudi Arabia" is one of the best lines ever recorded. Part Two I have little use for. Part Three's terrific and all but does suffer from slack Jim and Master P in the early onset of his Grandpa Phase.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

But he was in the projects posted up like Toys-R-Us.

Asher said...

A great line, yes.