Friday 28 May 2021

New Rap Slanguage

"Go get yo f*ckin' brotha, I'm fightin' both of y'all
I cracked his fortune cookie, left him leakin' sorry sauce"

Eatem - Go Get Yo F*ckin' Brotha
(From Go Get Yo F*ckin Brotha single; 2021)

They do things differently in Baton Rouge: whereas Tom, Dick or Billy from yer average American city will tell a h8er to "go get your fuckin' shinebox", them Boyz-N-The-Rouge will tell you to "go get yo f*ckin' brotha!" For Eatem fans and Baton Rouge Brawl Music™ fans in general, this song is Whoop Sum part deux.

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Smell Rell said...

That bass crazy