Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Born To Audiomack: 2019 Rap De Rap Show

How y'all feelin' out there? You're listenin' to the Martorialist show and I'm ya host Messy Mart playin' all the slammin' tunes for all you Mart Daddies & Martettes, so hold tight for a 21 song 2019 Rap sweep on WTFBS.

1. Eatem - Hit Da Drink Twice (Martorialist Edit)
2. AZ - It's Time
3. Da Baby - Walker Texas Ranger
4. ShooterGang Kony - Charlie
5. Positive K & MC Lyte - I'm Still Not Havin' It
6. Queen Key - Ratchett
7. Peezy - New Car Smell
8. Sada Baby & FMB DZ - Ape Drip
9. Blocboy JB - Mercedes
10. Duke Deuce - Yeh
11. Polo G - Deep Wounds
12. Mic Terror - Playa Shit
13. Devin The Dude - Trap-A-N*gga
14. Lil' Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Road (Remix)
15. Kokane - Doo Doo Headz
16. Dru Down - Ring Ding Dong
17. Ether ft. Fivio Foreign & Mr. Swipey - WAKA
18. Pete Rock - Street Dreams (Instrumental)
19. 70th Street Carlos - Play For
20. Quelle Chris - Obamacare
21. XanMan - Foulin' The Plug

This isn't necessarily my 20 favourite Rap songs of 2019 thus far, more the 20 Rap songs from 2019 which have been the incidental music to ya boy's life over the past 8 months. Contrary to what the Rap internet would have you believe, music is summat which exists to be used as the soundtrack to your existence, not summat which you use to have performative Twitter opinionz about.

Bonus Beats: Born To Audiomack: 2019 late pass! (so far)


Anonymous said...

"..Everyone can get it like Obamacare.."

GGGGG said...

Wasn't expecting 'Old Town Road' on here.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Had some good times in the pub to that song.

Yohan said...

Best / favourite song of the year so far?

Deep Wounds for me.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I can never decide on an absolute favourite. Which probably explains why I never do lists in any kind of hierarchy of preference.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Found a Devin song I really like so I've added that and deleted the 2nd BlocBoy JB song. 1 Song Per Artist rule is back, baby!

Anonymous said...

"Yeh" song of the summer