Friday, 14 December 2018

Cuffin' Season

Trel Itz A Hit - Cuffin' Flippas (instrumental)
(From Trel Itz A Hit's archives; 2016/the internet; 2018)

Bet you ain't never heard the Cuffin' Flippas beat in its full glory before. Me either, tbf.

The Bout It Bout It of Beserker-Bounce™ or wot? Bitch, we in that swamp water like Will Wheaton. Shout out to Whop Bezzy's "I got cheese in my pocket like between my toes" line, but the first song WNC ever recorded with Trel Itz A Hit back in early 2016 knocks harder as an instrumental dunnit?

Added this to my best rap songs of 2018 post. Two instrumental jams in my year-end list like it's 1984.


GGGGGG said...

For some reason i imagined Trel Itz A Hit would be a fat guy

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Great Trel Itz A Hit moments.

Dank said...

Fire emoji

Trel itz a hit said...

Lmao NOT