Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Kreayshawn's Punk cover of Not My Job deserves its own post

Kreayshawn & KJ-$ - Not My Job (Punk Cover)
(From Soundcloud; 2018)

1. Best song Kreayshawn's been involved in since Pu$$y Magnet or wot?

2. You wait years for a decent Mac Dre tribute song and then this and Husalah's Bad Young Thing turn up within the space of a couple of months.

3. Saw someone compare this to Nausea, which is unfair because it bodies anything those Commie crusties ever recorded.

3. This is more akin to Kreayshawn fronting a Born Again$t reunion because Sam McPheeters was too busy writing for Noisey that day.

5. The main reason why this is the best Rock song of the 2010's thus far is that, unlike every other Rock song released this decade, it doesn't have terrible lyrics.


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

6. Kreayshawn done a Mac Malapropism on this by saying "get on a bitch's head like some headphones" when the lyric is #actually earphones.

Marcus Pinkus said...

This is tight.

D said...

Those khayree mac dre comps are so good man. Stuff like the remixes of kinda weak ones like Fonky Situations>>>

Also explains why that Mac Dre The Name album sounded a bit dated I think it was mostly from 96-98

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Re: the first Khayree comp, even the unreleased Don't Forget 'Em intro where Dre's just shouting out his mates over Genius Of Love is gold.

D said...

True, I don't think he put a foot wrong in that pre jail era. Makes sense since it was only ever beats that let him down later n khayree was on fire then. I've been wondering if there's ever been someone this prolific & consistent, he never once rapped badly like

You checked out the other stuff khayree has online? All these r&b n instrumental comps

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nah, link me them.