Wednesday 19 July 2017

Smokin' like runnin' hot water, better yet like runnin' hot lava

Lil' Wayne - Dinnertime
(From Tha Carter 3 sessions; 2008/2017)

T-Pain & Lil' Wayne - Listen To Me
(From T-Wayne sessions; 2009/2017)

Let's talk about how unreleased Wayne songs from 2008/2009 are some of the hottest shit of 2017.


icebergsweater said...

It's a shame Dinnertime didn't make the album. Would've been better than a lot of the stuff that did make it.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"I told the waiter what I wanted, told him don't bring me a plate if it don't have a rpaper on it"

d said...

So many great ones shelved cos of samples, Diamonds & Pearls especially. I think Pussy Money Weed is my fav song from that era of Wayne in general "smelling like the cologne I put on this morn"

The ep from right before Carter 3>>>>anything on the album. How did I Know The Future n I Feel Like Dying not make the cut either?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

G.O.A.T officially-unreleased Wayne song?

I'm a Cash Money N*gga man, meself.

d said...

Oh good call. the Triggaman one w Currensy is up there too.

All the heavy ones from round then aswell - Real Rap, Something You Forgot, Trouble

Dank said...

"Best Thing Yet" has to be up there