Sunday, 24 July 2016

Season of the Sacness

How come Lavish D is allowed to record albums in prison? More importantly, how come Lavish D is allowed to record songs threatening Mozzy's life and implicating himself in ordering various shootings of Mozzy's crew from prison? It'd be tempting to call Lavish the Vybz Kartel of rap but even the World Boss couldn't get away with a pokyhumous song like Where's Waldo?:

"Even tho you lyin' in your songs, you can rap good
You can be the next Denzel, you can act good
The lil' homies catch you, they gon' smoke you like a backwood
Even yo' fans be sayin' shit that a rat would"

King Lavish D - Where's Waldo?
(From Real N*ggaz Don't Die album; 2016)

Ya host enjoyed Lavish D's beef with Philthy Rich as the banner on this site can attest, but this situation with Mozzy is already very unpleasant and can't possibly end well for either party. Rappers - stop the violence or, at the very least, take it back to the days of making your enemy run headfirst into a hedge.


James said...

Game's 40 Glocc beatdown >>>>> his music

SE said...

40 Glocc has been the bully and the bullied in two of the more absurd incidents in rap's annals. A true artist of beef, 40 Glocc's beefs >>> 40 Glocc's everything else.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Did anybody ever put 40 Glocc's head over that Homer Simpson disappears into the bush GIF?

Amor de Rey said...

DB snatched up Lavish D because he knew Lav had a long-standing feud with LiveWire/ Philthy Rich before-hand.

Essential Lavish D watching: Lavish D calls Philthy Rich out to catch a fade

The Lavish D/ Mozzy conflict is something separate that runs hotter.

Lavish D - STARZ / G-Mobb/ South Sac (rap name 30 Boiz, 51 Suspectz)
Mozzy - Oak Park Bloods / Ridezilla (aka Zilla, Underworld Zilla, Uzzy)

It's actual beef between two blood gangs that oscillates between the streets and rap (sometimes heavier on the former).

The dubious part is that it's produced some rather inspired and compelling music.

Remember Mozzy's fellow Underworld Zilla, Snubbz, had "Starz Shooter"

Mozzy's "The Truth" spawned violence (guy in the hat died within a day of the video release)

Dudes are consistently talking about real events & people ("Just Being Honest", "Flame On")

Lavish D's lil brother Dreda - "Opp Watch" (notice he's still wearing a cast and bandage from being shot up a few weeks prior)

How this has continued burnng with Lav on lock is beyond me.

[/fanning flames]

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Didn't Lavish hide from Philthy in Vegas like Jim Jones hid from Gangsta Lou in Miami?

Gonna be so bizarre when Lavish gets outta prison, links up with A-Wax properly, and posts regular IG pix of himself hanging out with teh Arizona Iced Tea Kid in his guitar store.

Anonymous said...

That artwork is hilarious