Monday, 12 October 2015

Rap songs that aren't on YouTube but really should be: an Audiomack playlist

Collected all the tracks from my Rap songs that aren't on YouTube but really should be series + some other tracks I've uploaded to Audiomack which can't currently be found on the 'Tube into a playlist to post up like Paul Wall today. I swept YouTube with no broom; improvement needed? Lotsa room.

24 songs by Slim Thug & Paul Wall, Camp Lo, Yungstar & Lil' Flex, AZ, Jiggs & Cheeks, Young Ready, TREE, DJ Upgrade & Rico Tha Kidd, Melle Mel, Grip Plyaz, Dres, Smooth B, Jay Tee & Baby Bash, The LOX, Boo Da Boss Playa & Lay-Lo, MobStyle, Go-Rilla Pimp$, Lil' Chris, and N.O.R.E & Peedi Crakk. Hit up the search bar on the left hand path up top if you need any additional info about any of the songs contained because there's posts about all of 'em in these here archives.

Shout outs: Fred Flak for the 2 unreleased MobStyle exclusives; ANU for findin' the full Jiggs & Cheeks album; Drake for hippin' me to N*gga Rican and Ray Garraty for locating the tagless MP3 of it; Julius for uploading Boo's 601 album; Donal for snaggin' the Hustle Hard compilation from Land Of G-Funk; and Lil' Chris for the no-DJ MP3 of Bad Lil' Chick.


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L.A said...

Props for this.

extra d said...

gold bricks

Lucas K said...

why can't i download thissssss

Si Mane Price said...

There's no option to download playlists on Audiomack unfortunately.

All the tracks are individually available to download on my page though.