Monday 10 June 2013

A-Mafia post # 20454

Good news that nobody other than me and a bunch of guys from Lenox avenue will give a fuck about: A-Mafia finally released a no-DJ version of Story Of My Life on that best of mixtape he dropped over the weekend! Ain't gon' lie like last year's Straight Savage 'tape wasn't his worst post-prison project to date but its two highlights - this and Realest N*gga In My City - are two of the best songs he's ever done and both are the anti-A$AP Mob(*1) as far as modern Uptown Rap goes:

"And it always be the n*gga that start the drama
Then when you spark the llama he wanna paint pictures like a art designer!"

A-Mafia - Story Of My Life
(From Street Anthems : The Best Of A-Mafia mixtape; 2013)

Because I love Harlem henchman-Rap like Fat Trel loves baring his weird pointy moobs at video cameras, ya boy Frances Cap Peel right chea felt inspired to put together a little 6-song RAR of some great 2003 - 2005 A-Mafia joints as a companion to my very own Mafia primer compilation.

A-Mafia - Before Maf' EP

1. Hell For A Hustla
2. The 'Jects remix (with Jim Jones)
3. Mafia Anthem
4. I Ain't Playin'
5. Everywhere
6. 40th Boys (with 40 Cal)


(*1) The real tragedy of Summer Jam 2013 wasn't the sheer indifference to Papoose's stage invasion/performance, but the worst Rapper forever ever ever ever ever A$AP Ferg being given a slot on the bill.


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