Saturday, 13 April 2013

Frick and LeFrak

Oh ok, so this is where some of those rhymes from that recent N.O.R.E Hot 97 freestyle ccme from, which means that Tragedy pro'lly ghost-wrote them for him?

N.O.R.E ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc - Camouflage Unicorns
(From Student Of The Game album; 2013)

Much prefer this to that recent joint with Large Professor which was a bit too self-consciously retro for my liking. SMH @ Rappers fetishizing imaginary animals like unicorns on some Gentle Jones type shit, though, when they could be paying homage to actual IRL animals which look like they were created by Disney like Seahorses :


Anonymous said...

"Built Pyramids" is great.

H.L. said...

The drums on this song are non-existent, but the title is gold.

Gentle Jones said...