Thursday, 20 December 2012

R.I.P Richard Tre Mane

Blogota Rich is dead, please bid a warm welcome to your new host Fredo Fantano.

The festive holidays are an expensive time when even the Finally Rich amongst us have to balance the moolah going out with the moolah coming in, so raise a toast to another instalment of "This is reality-Rap, I really go through it" with Dormtainment's Ballin' Ona Budget, before you raise another toast to songs with bass lines which can turn the interior of any automobile into an air-pocket of alto-reverb :

"Bills is all I know - water, phone and electric
at least I got my charm....... (pendant necklace)"

Dormtainment - Ballin' Ona Budget
(From Broke & Famous album; 2012)


Kree said...

This song goes.

bradley said...

beginning to develop a soft spot for anthony