Thursday, 18 June 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 9

Je t'adore : music made by Black people; the lusciousness of Techicolor; scantily clad women who can gyrate sexily without giving the impression that they're trying too hard; beatdown scenes in movies which involve fellas gettin' bottles smashed over their noggins; Lee motherfuckin' Marvin.

So let's combine 'em like Dai-X from Star Fleet (we'll be having none of yer played-out forming like Voltron around 'ere) for the scene in Point Blank where Walker visits the night club looking for info and ends up dispensing with a couple of flunkies from The Organization along the way :

SPC member and former Rap-A-Lot artist Point Blank titling his 2nd LP Mad At The World was probably a mere coincidence or but i'd like to think the rap name/LP title combination was a subtle homage to his favourite flick and/or actor by Point Blank.

Point Blank - Mad At The World


brad said...

think i've seen bits of point blank over the years but never seen it in full..worth picking up?

MF said...

Oh hell yeah.