Monday, 1 June 2015

Is he really a fan or did my gun make his thumb put scrill' in my hand?

A-Wax really stepped up his fan-relations game since the Everybody days, huh?

"Yeah, so you bought my CD
What you wanna see a slug in 3D?
So I'll f**k your bitch
And she pretend you me when she suck your dick"

A-Wax - Everybody
(From Thug Deluxe album; 2004)

Wouldn't say no to a remastered reissue of Thug Deluxe with the Game track removed.


d said...

the Game verse removed, love that song otherwise

Si Mane Price said...

Sucks how there's so little info/discussion about Thug Deluxe online beyond Rey's post + the darkest corners of the Siccness' archives.

Where are the think pieces talking about how A-Wax & Lev Berlak teaming up for Thug Deluxe beat Jacka & RobLo to the punch a year before The Jack Artist?

d said...

Aye its criminal, only word Id seen pre Rey talking up Jesus Malverde was the Husalah shit and some Murder Dog interview w Gonzoe and Id taken a moderate interest. Hes very crossover too, havent played him for anyone and got less than strong approval

Si Mane Price said...

Last year you didn't notice me, now it's almost like I'm K-Ci or JoJo of Jodeci