Tuesday 23 June 2015

A recent(ish) jams 4 u compilation part 2

A follow up to this compilation, here's a RAR file of some more songs from the past 6 months (+ late december) that I've been feelin'. You know your friend who loves the YG album and Trap Queen but still posts Childish Gambino songs on his Facebook? Share this one with him innit.

V/A - Them Damn Buck Roger' Years Songs Volume Two

1. Nebu Kiniza - Myself (2014)
2. Lil' Chris ft. Sasha Go Hard - Ohh Na Na (2015)
3. 22nd Letter - Blunt On Me (2015)
4. Corn ft. Nef The Pharaoh - Old School Hyphy (2015)
5. Ty Money ft. Twista - Come Again (2015)
6. Audio Push - Normally (2015)
7. French Montana ft. Chinx & NORE - Off The Rip (2015)
8. Mr.2-17 ft. The Ratchets - Why? (2015)
9. Honey Cocaine - Honeydick (2015)
10. Slim 400 ft. Hunyae, YG & Big Quis - On My Set (remix) (2015)
11. J Hus - Dem Boy Paigon (2015)


Since Honey Cocaine originally hails from Canada I had to restore the equilibrium by including a song by a U.K rapper. Like RGF Island by Fetty Wap, Dem Boy Paigon by J Hus belongs to a new sub-genre of Dancehall-inspired rap, and if it's good enough for Westwood to play then it's good enough for you.


Boot It Boot It said...

You're gonna be posting reviews of Due South next.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Milkbag-levels set to Cronenberg movies + 80s Degrassi only.

d said...

how do english and canadian rappers compare in swag deficiency? canadas americas d2dvd sequel starring kevin sorbo but brits are that resistant to stunting on ppl they dont even want heads on their pints

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Blade and Scroobius Pip


Mindbender Futurama and OB O'Brien

101 Names said...

Props on this.

hotbox said...

come again + honeydck are quality

THE GUY said...