Wednesday 10 June 2015

"Any requests?"

"Never had no patience, waited for nobody
I feel like the mayor when I'm in the party"

Nebu Kiniza - Myself
(From Soundcloud; 2014)

This snappy little Wizcore ode to doin' it thyself sounds so much better in june 2015 than it did when I first heard it back in december 2014. What a pity fat Rickie from My So Called Life had to besmirch it with a remix a couple of weeks back before I could throw the original here into rotation and annoy everyone at the bar by recreating it inna Fresh Prince stylee. Even your girlfriend gonna act a fool on her glass of Prosecco with a spoon like "yeah, yeah, yeah!" to this one.


Jason said...

you hear the willie the kid song with the fresh prince sample?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Of course!

Soundcircuit Snitch said...

Very catchy