Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shout outs to Dommy P

Duuk got stripes in the game like Matt Hardy's JNCO jeans!

Lest we also forget that Julienne Shepherd's editor at SPIN Christopher Weingarten once claimed that if it weren't for Das Racist we'd all still be posting on and listening to either Jedi Mind Tricks or J.R Writer. If Shepherd helping Das Racist avoid sexual assault charges rates as a 10 on the terrible-things-you're-going-to-burn-in-Hell-for-o-meter, Weingarten's comment surely rates somewhere around 7.5.

Anyhoo, plz believe ya boy Harry G.R.O.D.T right chea is patiently waitin' on Dom's 100 Worst People On Twitter entries on John Doran and all white American Rap bloggaz during election month, b!


Al said...

John Doran is a homophobic racist scouser.

rapper naaae said...

Twitters sleeping but maybe Blog Game Colleen Smart might appreciate it: comedy real hiphop dinosaur Peter Rosenberg called out Noz by name during an interview with Prodigy and Alan!

The Mannie interview was hilarious, he did the ol "chunky mario delight" mid interview research, insulted/condescended him a few times but tbh the Pimp Daddy thing wouldnt even make his top 5 interview faux pas.

Fredo Fantano said...

Rosenberg's career sucess is yet more proof that America has failed as a nation.