Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A sincere apology to Joe Mo$e$

Please forgive me for ever considering your ass persona non grata or a tolerable distraction on TY$'s shit, mate! After suffering Beach House 2's array of inappropriate guests making nuisances of themselves on damn near every track I now realise that you're the only Rapper who should ever be allowed to grace TY$'s songs with your presence. (*1)

TY$ ft. Wiz Khalifa - I Bet
(From Beach House 2 mixtape; 2013)

Case in point, I Bet here, which is flawless for 2 minutes and 30 seconds before Starvin' Cameron turns up with a sleeprapped 16 to tell us he's so stoned he looks like an AZN for the bajillioneth time (*2). How much better would this song have been if it had Joe rhyming about twitching chocolate starfishes and pussy juice all up in his nostrils instead?

(*1) Wouldn't say no to another collaboration between TY$ and DJ Quik & Suga Free, obviously.

(*2) "Jumpin' out a caravan, eyes like a Chinaman" or GTFOH!

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Joe said...

People on Twitter seem to love "Beach House 2"