Friday, 19 July 2013

Reasons why I love YouTube : Max B edition

Look what's finally reappeared on the 'tube after Amalgam Digital had it removed a couple of years back : it's only the Where Do I Go? video innit! Appears to be slightly different to the original, mind, as it's bathed in a weird blue/yellow tint and it starts with a slightly longer intro where Max calls out NOE and Mel Matrix, albeit not by name :

"I'm wavier than you n*ggas! Every n*gga on Byrdgang : the fake Jay-Z n*gga, the Gargamel n*gga, all them wack ass n*ggas over there, I'm Biggavel'!"

Max B - Where Do I Go? (video)
(from Youtube; 2009)

Max was a funny guy and all that for always referring to Mel Matrix as "Gargamel" in his interviews after the Byrdgang split, but here at The Martorialist we ain't tryna hear a bad word about spaghetti head Murda Mel since he was a key component of so many great Byrdgang tracks, guested on last decade's grimiest N.W.A homage, and even has a couple of minor-classics to his own name :

"Since the kid was a misfit
I ain't have no best friend, just me and my biscuit"

Mel Matrix ft. Jim Jones - Man Down
(From Red Apples Falling mixtape; 2009)

No Ma$e allegedly gettin' caught in the range rover with the boy on Mel's "and the young boys they got love for me" line, though.


Anonymous said...

"Man Down" goes.

Anonymous said...

mel murder is great, but max b is referring to sen city as gargamel, fool.

Fredo Fantano said...

Why he call Sen City Gargamel, bruh?

Queez said...

Hey do you have an mp3 of "Fuck The Police Part 2" by Eldorado Red? The mixtape is broken on Datpiff and Livemixtapes.