Tuesday 30 July 2013

Reasons why I love YouTube # 45

Apropos of the Wipe Me Down remix not making Complex's 50 greatest Rap remixes since 2000 list (a run down which includes such unimpeachable classics as some forgotten-in-5-minutes remix of a flop A$AP Rocky song and that atrocious posse cut remix of I'm A Coke Boy which nobody on the entire planet has ever listened to more than once), here's the made-on-a-Nokia-cameraphone zero-budget video for Foxx's original solo version of Wipe Me Down, as uploaded to the 'Tube by Foxx and his camp last summer (he even replies in the comments!) :

Foxx - Wipe Me Down
(From Survival Of The Fittest compilation; 2007)

Highlights include Foxx going for that uncle Ice the crackhead from Paid In Full swag, his Wipe Me Down tall tee looking like it was airbrushed by a colourblind toddler & Joey Deacon, and future nemesis Young Ready making Rap hands in the background alongside the other token video goons.

Better still, here's another little-seen Foxx video, this time for his saucy absurdist masterpiece Put Yo' Pussy On The Phone. That TRUKFIT sweatshirt is such a bad look for anyone over the age of 14 and, alas, there are no Cronenbergian talking vaginas in the coda where Foxx gets into bed with his bird as he's still wearing his vest and camo kecks. What the Put Yo' Pussy On The Phone video does have going for it is Foxx making some of the most ostentatious Rapper-pretending-to-talk-into-his-phone gestures since Biggie in the Warning clip as he yaps to his Joi Ryda lookalike 'hoodrat missus :

Foxx - Put Yo' Pussy On The Phone
(From Foxx Mayweather mixtape; 2012)


Anonymous said...

These videos are great. On the other hand, check out this video of the behind the scenes footage from the "pussy on yo phone" video set where Foxx falls off a skateboard and LOSES HIS WHOLE SNOWCONE!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Real rappers can't skate!

Neb said...

Foxx is so underrated.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

He is, although his last mixtape was pretty eh.

d said...

Aw shit, both these.

Pussy On The Phone vid makes it a whole new experience.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Best 2012 rap song which fetishes women by parts of their anatomy :

Put Yo' Pussy On The Phone by Foxx or Wasaname by Grip Plyaz?????

Anonymous said...

Young Ready now goes by the name of RACKED UP READY lol.