Saturday, 6 July 2013

You still ain't recoup!

That cool million bucks of Murdoch money G. Rap managed to talk Rawkus into giving him would have probably gone a long way if he didn't have to use 3/4 of it to pay back Cold Chillin' for the It's A Shame video budget!

Kool G. Rap - It's A Shame
(From 4, 5, 6 album; 1995)

The facial expressions the 'hoodrat and G. Rap share between 0:12 and 0:18 are bettered only by the legendary waving scene in Encino Man as far as 90's acting, editing, and cinematography goes, imo.


James said...

Kool G Rap, his crew and a video crew bumrushing Russell's mansion in the Hamptons when he was on holiday.

Anonymous said...

Kool G Rap really should have made a shitty hood movie after I'm Bout It blew up.

Drew said...

His last classic single.