Monday, 8 July 2013

Generic list post

10 exclusive diamonds among the dross from very patchy DJ compilation albums full of posse tracks featuring Rappers who should share song time with each other :

Cam'Ron ft. Chinky Brown Eyes - Harlem
LL Cool J - Ill Bomb
Juvenile & B.G. - 187
B.G., Juvenile & Soulja Slim - Gotta Get It
8-Off - Adolf "8-Off" Agallar (Interlude)
Gang Starr - The Piece Maker
Travis Porter & Kirko Bangz - Real N*ggaz in the Building
AZ ft. Doo Wop - Gangsta Shit
Ghostface, AZ & Raekwon - See The Light
Three 6. Mafia ft. Lil' Wyte & Fraser Boy - Who Gives A Fuck Where You From?


bradley said...

diduntdidunt by saigon from that mark ronson album

(...i'll get me coat!)

Fredo Fantano said...

That was a good song. From the days before Saigon developed his overbearing martyr complex. If only he'd have realised he was the new FT X Intelligent Hoodlum not the new Nas.

Anonymous said...

Got an mp3 of the Cam song?


rapper naaae said...

I had that song on more than one tape.

That Mark Ronson was one of the few rap ones I could take from the library to burn at home. smh that place had me into fucking jazz at 16 instead of something more appropriate like G Unit.

Fredo Fantano said...

I suppose "fucking Jazz" beats Daniel O'Donnell & Mary Duff duets albums, though!

I gotchu, anonymous Pete.

rapper naaae said...

Thats #paddydeepcuts right there. Real headz know Our Daniel irl>>> Eoin Mclove