Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Martorial elegance : Joe Blow edition

Shout outs to Joe Blow's shitty Chemical Baby Clothing CBC logo t-shirt looking like a cheap arse C-Bo tee where the print has partially crumbled off :

"Blow piece with the iciest wrist
Shout out to A.P for knockin' Ice-T bitch!
Everything is tailor made, you won't find these kicks
Stressed out tryna find time to dry these whips"

Joe Blow - Real Mob
(From Been Grindin' street album; 2013)

Not feeling the Ice-T dis here even though Coco isn't fit to wash Darlene's knickers, but file Real Mob alongside Cold Pimp as certified jams from Joe Blow's Been Grindin' album that I've been using as Jacka surrogates the past 6 months. Here's hoping Ampichino's new Da Krazies 2 album which I've yet to hear has some joints I can use as Jacka surrogates for the next 6 months.

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