Sunday, 14 July 2013

TPP's 50 Shades More Paid mix

Check out this mix by our man dem TPP Is The Reason. I can't co-sign every inclusion here (Migos still only have one good song and Versace isn't it; Young Thug sounds like a 2008 Youtube parody of Wayne to me, which is probably the point but not something I'd ever wanna listen to; and My Hoes They Do Drugs is up there with Bet That and Tadow as far as songs which have been totally ruined by Pusha-T go because he's still too stupid to realise he was only ever good at being nonchalantly slick over Neptunes beats), but TPP is pro'lly the only other person in this country who listens to ZMoney so it's all luv thug chaps and all of the above, I've recently come around to Type Of Way in a big way, and any mix which starts Err Damn Day by Travis Porter & Jeremih automatically gets two thumbs up from ya boy Derek Wamp Wampsley right chea :

rap mix july 2013

01. Travis Porter ft. Jeremih - Err Damn Day
02. Gucci Mane ft. 2 Chainz - Use Me
03. Alley Boy ft. Ty$ - RNGM
04. Lil Durk - Dis Ain't What U Want
05. Rocko ft. 2 Chainz & Future - U.O.E.N.O (Remix)
06. Future - No Love
07. Migos - Versace
08. Young Thug - 2 Cups Stuffed
09. King Louie ft. Juicy J & Pusha T - My Hoes They Do Drugs
10. Rich Homie Quan - Type Of Way
11. Young Scooter - Colombia
12. Kevin Gates - Paper Chasers
13. ZMoney ft Brickfare - Cocky
14. Doe B - Let Me Find Out
15. Rich Homie Quan - Differences
16. Starlito ft. Kevin Gates & Alley Boy - Long Haul


nyquil said...

Had to pop this mix on Twitter fam, it just too good! Does the dude who made this mix have a rap blog or is he just up on that Soundcloud, whodie? 120 aorwyea

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

He has a Tumblr but hasn't updated it in over 6 months.

33yearsoldandlivingwithmum said...

i also live in england, manchester to be precise, and i listen to zmoney. give me some skin my bredwin.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Forgot to mention Dope Bitch as another song that Pusha-T completely ruined.

done said...

This looks very good. Versace>>> and Bet That was salvaged with the Video Pusha was too busy with baggage duties to attend.

I had a conversation recently about whether or not the queen still owns all the swans here so idk, Im probably eligible for the ZMoney gang.

tdoublep said...

thx for posting this. i actually live in switzerland now but believe me the locals get stressed out when i pull up to the yacht club blasting 'bitches want my money'. honestly surprised you don't like young thug given he makes fruity rap anthems that sound like long lost post-hardcore/emo classics:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Young Thug is no Angel Hair.