Friday, 1 February 2013

Brief thoughts on Juice by Chance The Rapper

Wise Intelligent aside, the only thing worse than British ppl rhyming in faux-American accents is American ppl Rapping with faux-Jamaican inflections :

Chance The Rapper - Juice
(From Acid Rap mixtape; 2013)

Kinda envy you dudes who can listen to Juice and think "this is a fresh and interesting Rap song for 2013!" because on the two occasions I've tried to bump it this afternoon I've been mentally bombarded with petrifying crazy flashbacks of Mindbender Futurama's F.A.I.L :

Mindbender Futurama - F.A.I.L
From the 8th layer of Hell; 2008)


Boothe said...

*no words*

Fosterakahunter said...

I can't stand it when pussy-assed rappers that claim to be Chicagoans name drop a section of town (Chatham) while shooting the accompanying video in other locations, ie. Times Square. Btw, this ni@@uh suxx at rappin'... For realz.

Mister Jay said...

"i got the jews"

HL said...

This is awful.

noz said...

i hear about a half dozen different accents on this song and none of them are jamaican.