Friday 8 February 2013

Alpoko Don's laugh >>>>>>

Phew, Alpoko Don has gone back to tappin'-on-table-top basics after his mixtape-over-Soundcloud-beats debacle! But why did he pretend he was going to prison for 8 years when he's still recording new videos, why have I been averaging a couple of hundred of hits per day for him over the past month when the height of his viral buzz was last summer, how does he manage to use a "yo the subject of my song is like a woman" extended metaphor on Street Life without me wanting to travel back in time and rip Common's tongue out before the I Used To Love H.E.R studio session?
Alpoko Don - Street Life
(From Youtube; 2013)

Doin' it on the porch >>>>>>> doin' it in the park

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Anonymous said...

He needs to release all these as a mixtape.