Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nobody beats the quiz

Are you the type of person who suffered a bad case of hemorrhoids sitting on the toilet trying to complete the crossword in The Source? Do you post on Rap message boards just to display your intimate knowledge of Boo Rossini's sex life and Eric B's appearances on WWF RAW? Here at The Martorialist we was like "me too", so whatchu get here is just a preview of our new quiz series, Rap-trivia geeks - we see you!

This first Martorialist pop quiz is all Boosie everything and strictly 4 the more erudite Baton Rogue-Rap aficionados out there. Answer all ten questions correctly and then FLEX your Rap internet bragging rights afterwards on some "as we walked through the crowd they threw bills in the air" type shit because we're all out of prizes right about now bar half a bottle of hemp seed oil that's a year out of date if any of y'all want it? Earn that shit below :

1. What was the name of the album C-Loc and Boosie were supposed to drop as a duo around 1999/2000 before C-Loc got locked up?

2. Although Young Bleed is credited as appearing on Boosie's Cold Blooded it's actually another Concentration Camp Rapper. Name him.

3. Which Louisiana ex-Rapper did Turk & Mel shoot in the face after they caught him bootlegging TRILL ENT. releases at his record store in Baton Rogue?

4. Complete the following lyric : she call me, she cryin', "Boosie I'm pregnant!" ____ ______ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ________ _______ ____ _____ __ ____ _____

5. Which song from Ghetto Stories did I Smoke, I Drank originally begin life as an unofficial sequel to?

6. Name both Boosie videos Marlo Mike makes a cameo in.

7. On which song does Boosie interpolate Juvenile's Pimpinabitch?

8. In Ghetto Stories - The Movie, how many times does Boosie say the word "FUCK!" during the first scene he appears in?

9. Which inseparable cartoon characters are Boosie and his 40-glock like?

10. Once Boosie gets out of prison, what's the likelihood he's gonna record a shitty positive album with his Rapping pre-pubescent daughter before he records a reunion album with Webbie?


Jethro said...

Re : #10

Dead certainty.

done said...

I only got at most 5 of these, am I still trill

Fulci Lives said...

This is tougher than University Challenge.

Thomas said...

I know none of these answers because I have literally only heard two Lil Boosie songs in my life ("Undeniable Talent" and "Never Been a Bitch").

I just wanted to say that I wish I could trade in all my rap knowledge for a better understanding of the stock market or something else that can be applied to the real world.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Answer the 5 you got then, Done.

Where are ANU and Catfish Hunter when you need 'em?

sisilafami said...

1 unbreakable?

2 j-von

3 beelow

4 Bitch please how the fuck you got pregnant through your mouth on your knees

5 do it big

6 top to the bottom & my brothers keeper i think

7 i do not remember

8I saw the movie (fast forwarded it tbh) but….

9 scooby doo & shaggy

10 (-_-)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'm so impressed you knew it was J-Von, ANU! I can't believe you fast forwarded through Ghetto Stories - The Movie, though, because that shit is as canonical to TRILL as Killa Season is to Dipset.

Unbreakable and Top To The Bottom are both incorrect, but jolly good showing otherwise.

sisilafami said...

hey the lay lo (j-von & max minelli) album is a favorite.

if it's not top to the bottom it's back in the days then ?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


done said...

1. dunno

2. Ah i was gonna go with Max here actually, ANU. Shouts to whoever upped the Lay Lo album on teh p a while back even though my shit ipod wont ply it

3. Beelow

4. bitch please- howthefuckyougetpregnant through your mouth, on your knees

5. pass

6. Back In The Days, half a point but I wasnt 100% either

7. ah I know this, hold on

8. pass

9. like Scooby Doo and Shaggy

10. The sooner he gets it over with the better, need those raps about putting pills in groupies arses and prison lunch.

Ive yet to be picked for a pub quiz team.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Pedant time : it's actually "or your knees" not "on your knees" on #4.

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

Some of these are guesses:

1. Oldest and Youngest of The Camp

2. I actually only knew 2, I think about whatever happened to J-Von every now and then.

Speaking of J-Von, what ever happened to the other ConCamp-affiliated dude that sorta disappeared, Russel something (I wanna say Russel Athletics or Russel Wilson, but I know those are wrong as one is a clothing brand and the other is a footballer). Is he still making beats?

3. Nussie maybe? He seems to have been shot alot.

4. ...dunno.

5. I don't know :(

6. I don't know who Marlo Mike is :(

7. No song! (trick Q?)

8. More than no time less than 500 times.

9. Scoobie Doo

10. It's gonna be called Youngest of the Camp II and have the gold frame and everything, they're gonna release the cover and traclist, then Boosie finds out Iviona is gonna rap about sex alot and he'll scrap the whole thing. 100% it's going to be worked on 0% it's going to drop.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Hint on question # 1 : it's the name of a movie.

That Russell Lee guy still pops up on the odd Max Minelli song here and there.

done said...

bitch please - how the fuck you get pregnant through your knees?

Put us(me) out our(my) misery- what is the Pimpinabitch one? I cant take it anymore.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

In My Hood, innit.

done said...

Ah Id never made the connection.