Thursday, 7 February 2013

Baton Rogue ain't got no luv 4 Cypress Hill?????

DJ B-Real ft. Mouse On Tha Track - It's Easy
(From Pay Da Producer Volume 1 album; 2013)

So the only DJ B-Real you need to pay attention to in 2013 is Trill's in-house producer who works as the K-Def to Mouse On Tha Track's Marley Marl. Only he's another producer/Rapper like Mouse so I suppose that makes him the Daz to Mouse's Dr Dre instead? Work that analogy out for yourselves and just know that the two gentlemen have recorded a song together on B-Real's first proper release which sounds like what would happen if Mouse got all up on the records of that Baton Rogue Heavy Metal band who were all up on the Boosie Justice Facebook page posing last year :

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