Sunday, 17 February 2013

Martorial elegance # 67

Shout outs to Jeezy & Gotti, Philaflava poster Yr Gangsta Conscience, the Surfer Girl LP by the Beach Boys, the Oi Polloi gear gawdz, and all the fellow soljas and soljarettes out there who've ever spilled peri-peri sauce on their white jeans :

♫ "He takes me to the soda shop wearin' white Levi's
at the record hop he's wearin' white Levi's
everywhere he goes he's wearin' white Levi's
and his tennis shoes, and his surfin' hat, and a big plaid Pendleton shirt" ♫

The Majorettes - White Levi's
(From White Levi's 7"; 1963)


Boothe said...


I'm sharing this.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Friendster and MySpace this shit!

Fosterakahunter said...

(Straight) men, don't be caught dead in white jeans.