Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Did I post this before Thomas?

Your host Clarence C-Bo right chea had pretty much given up on Jacka over the past couple of years, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since he gave us around 8 years of great music beforehand and Ampichino picked up exactly where he fell off, but he has my attention again with this cut. A Bird Money song (I think he's Young Bossi's weed-carrier, right?) in name only, essentially, this is the first Mob ballad from the third instalment of Jacka & Ampichino's Devilz Rejectz trilogy. Can you keep a stiff upper lip when Jack' sez his kids don't even have friends because they're never loyal? Shit, the kid Young Baresi right chea didn't even make it that far because I was tearing up right after the opening stanza :

"Hard to tell my daughter she got a brother with another mother
caught up in the lust so I probably never loved her"

Bird Money ft. Jacka & Ampichino - Don't Involve Me
(From The Book Of Bird Money : The Name Speaks For Itself album; 2013)

Pretty impressive how Bird Money's verse manages to cram in even more generic reference to the mafia than that hilarious movie-montage video for Mob Business by Ampichino, Freeze & Yukmouth did.


brad said...

nesta from da band
duffel baggio boy

done said...

Oh shit, nice. Whats the rest like?

"hustle in the snow" why are these dudes so obsessed with weather they've never seen.

Hus needs to shit or get off the pot, Hes still killing it imho.

Anonymous said...

Yo Totti

Fredo Fantano said...

Not listened to the rest of it yet.

Anonymous said...

Mauro Cam'ronesi
Papin' Tags

Thomas said...

You did indeed post this before me broski! Haven't listened to the Bird Money tape yet, but I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Jacka is pretty horrible these days, but I guess Ampichino's presence puts a little pep in his step (NO HOMO).