Wednesday 27 February 2013

Brief thoughts on Foxx's new Cold Blooded mixtape in the style of 3rd Person

Foxx ft. $hizz - 3rd Person
(From Don't Work, Don't Eat mixtape; 2012)

Ayo, nobody's told Foxx about Livemixtapes!
Foxx done fucked up and uploaded his new mixtape to Mediafire as untitled WMAs!
Now Foxx got Baton Rogue-Rap geeks like Fredo & ANU tryna decode his rap recitals!
Because Foxx just went and put his 'tape on Datpiff in MP3 when it still doesn't have any song titles!
Foxx's "popped a n*gga, I'm sweatin'" line on his All Gold Everything freestyle almost redeems the existence of Trinidad James!
And it sounds like Foxx got a Mouse On Tha Track feature on Track # 19 with-no-name!
Foxx is still really good when he rhymes about down 4 life 'hoodrats and dastardly dames!
But Foxx is definitely at his best when he's doing barbiturate-ballads and detailing how Baton Rogue is the backdrop for his paranoia and pain!

"If you don't like me, I'm okay with that
Just when you see me don't be givin' me no fake dap
If we supposed to be beefin' sunday, how the fuck we cool monday?
N*gga, fuck you, because all I know is one way"

Foxx ft. Lil' Cal - One Way
(From Cold Blooded mixtape; 2013)

FYI - I only know that the title of Cold Blooded's token Rappaz-have-feelings-too joint is One Way because it'd leaked previously, and the Lil' Cal character on this isn't the Lil' Cali of Dat Dick fame but the song's producer who Foxx clearly let spit his verse in exchange for a free beat. Real Foxx aficionados will be familiar with this practice already since it's just another example of $hizz Syndrome.


sisilafami said...

sisilafami said...

track 19 is track is track 13 without b-real (who sounds like mouse) & shizz verses

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

ANU = G.O.A.T.