Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Diggin' on the 'tube

KLC ft. Fiend & Calicoe - Play It Loud

At least when Boosie dropped 'net exclusive video songs like We Out Chea he had the courtesy to have 'em uploaded in near-perfect quality so they could be ripped no problem, because singles like Young Bleed's Put Your Stamp On It, Down Home by Big Mike & 6-2 ft. Young Bleed, Witchdoctor's Rich And Poor, and Play It Loud here are all songs which only seem to exist on Youtube in such deficient audio quality that it's barely worth converting 'em to Mp3. If this weren't frustrating enough as it is, east coast rap-dudes who were perhaps sensing they were being outdone in terms of viral unobtainability by them pesky southerners just had to go and up the stakes by taking this thorougly modern anomaly to preposterous extremes with grainy video snippets of unreleased 90s songs being cut-up on Serato or unmixed studio performance footage of songs hitherto to surface 3 or 4 years later :

Real Live ft. Pretty Tone Capone - Unknown title

01:37 in. Heavens to Murgatroyd, gentlemen! One assumes this is either a The Turnaround-era track which got cut due to sample clearance or something from their shelved sophomore album, but a cascade of Pretty Tone Capone's idiosyncratic jiggnorance over some deeply macked-out K-Def Blaxploitation production is a personal fantasy come to fruition. Can the Diggers With Gratitude guys stop pestering Tragedy in prison for his unmixed studio scraps and ask K-Def to hand over the DAT of this song instead, plz, because I'd zestfully pay a pretty penny for such a lost city of Atlantis moment on 12". Better still, can't K-Def just stop being so darned precious and release the entire 2nd Real Live album himself already?

Byrd Gang - Unknown title

01:40 in. There's at least 20-odd Max B mixtapes out there and a few fairly extensive Stack Bundles compilations but the studio version of this has yet to appear on any of the ones I've heard - how is this even possible in 2010 when French Montana and DJ Big Mike are probably on the cusp of releasing a mixtape comprised entirely of a computer voice simulator reading out texts Max B has sent from the illegal cellphone he keeps stashed up his backside in prison over Dame Grease beats? Taken from some 'hood dvd which nobody outside of Harlem can even prove ever existed, I'm imagining this must be one of those Byrd Gang demos which Capo has in his stash that he's using to plunder all his punchlines and hooks from now Stacks is dead and Max is in prison. Put this shit out, Jones, or I'm gonna draw attention to that Victoria Beckham remix you appeared on when Dame was briefly mentoring her pop career purely so I can make a terrible ‘Rap Goin' Beckham’ pun (geddit?) with the title of the post.

If anybody ever does find/have a good quality Mp3 of Put Your Stamp On It or any of the other songs mentioned here, then please don't hesiate to drop by with the goodies.

Young Bleed - Put Your Stamp On It


James said...

That Real Live + PTC song sounds incredible.

done said...

also, i think video only freestyles have a simalarly annoying problem:

that verse over that beat would be great in proper quality

and the actual real version of this song pales in comparison:

done said...

young bleeds second album is the bidness

Mo' Codenames said...

Fully agreed on all points, gents.

That recent Z-Ro video freestyle SouthernHospitality posted needs to be a real song too.

step one said...

Just wanted to show some love for 'Rap Goin Beck-ham'

Anonymous said...

the 2nd Real Live album is pretty solid, featured Treach & Bun B. will it ever see a proper release?

Mo' Codenames said...

Is that song with Pretty Tone Capone on it?