Monday, 22 November 2010

Sax, violence, and Jermaine Jackson

Cormega - The Other Side

Curren$y - Famous

Famous is proving to be the most rewindable jam on Pilot Talk 2 for me at the moment because it's blessed with the most bewitching saxophone tooting I've heard since Cormega's The Other Side, and when Curren$y suddenly breaks into that precipitated flow from 01:07 to 01:13 where he makes his voice jitterbug on the beat with the same aplomb his boss of yore Master P had when he once promised to "make that MAC-10 tap dance on datazz" then I'll forgive him for the song with Fiend on the new album not being anywhere near as good as their previous recent collaboration, and for falsely advertising the album would include a joint with Camp Lo when it features nothing of the sort.

Speakin' of recent exotic production, No Tears from the new Jacka & Ampichino album is a godsend because I've been waiting for someone to use Jermaine Jackson's ethereal 1978 ballad Castles Of Sand properly ever since Just Blaze made a complete muck of it when he Chipmunked it up for Some How, Some Way in 2002 and managed to decorticate the sample of everything luxuriant about the original source; namely that Castles Of Sand sounds like the music which'd be playing if you were standing under a waterfall in a white linen suit gettin' blown by 2 mermaids, whilst Some How, Some Way is just the Jay/'Face/Beans track that everybody thought was the runt of the litter when compared to This Can't Be Life and Guess Who's Back?

Jermaine Jackson - Castles Of Sand

Ayo, Jermaine - if your Frontiers LP works best as a companion piece to Off The Wall then Castles Of Sand would be its equivalent of I Can't Help It, and you deserved to win Celebrity Big Brother for having to sit around for weeks on end looking at the chainsmoking blond one from S Club 7 who isn't Hannah Spearritt, bro.


Boothe said...

Really wanted to like Some How, Some Way, because that trio is gold...but's kinda underwhelming.

Mega track is dope. Curren$y...perhaps a bit too much sax for me.

H.L. said...

I really don't understand how "Flying Iron" didn't make this album. That was one of the best songs I heard this year.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

HL, I think it's because Curren$y and Fiend are supposed to be doing an album together and Flying Iron is gonna be on it. That other leaked song from it Exclusive Brass is pretty nice too.

There's no such thing as too much sax unless it's Kenny G, Boothe.

Anonymous said...

nice find on the no tears sample

H.L. said...

MF, thanks man. Never heard that song. Shit is REAL smooth.