Saturday, 13 November 2010

Martorial elegance # 41

Oi Curren$y - how's the ‘Jets’ motif of your rap persona gonna half-rest on your supposed flyness when your black-socks-with-shorts look in the Michael Knight video is more Wayne from Bootle than Lil' Wayne?

I know rave songs which were big at scouse superclub Cream from 1995 - 2002 are the new Ultimate Breaks And Beats as far as sampling goes, but do we really want rappers dressing like the every-volume-of-CreamClubClassics-owning white trash population of Merseyside during summertime too?

Curren$y - Michael Knight

So, Michael Knight, 4 Hours And 20 Minutes with Killa Kyleon, and a supposed cameo appearance from Camp Lo (love their song on the Ski Beatz album) have got me anticipating Pilot Talk 2 even though the first one ended up being little more than good background music album for me which begins to grate whenever I concentrate on Curren$y's rambling delivery on it, no matter how deliberate and nuanced the rambling delivery may actually be. I also really wish Spitta would quit trying to work with Mos Def and record a grip of songs with his ex Ca$h Money labelmate All $tar/$tarlito instead since they both share the same hazy southern aesthetic and any reference to gay rappers they'd make would be tinged with speculation whether they were talking about Baby and Wayne sharing beds on the Ca$h Money tour bus. Ayo, those aren't pillows...

Bonus Gay Dudes beats :

I hear KanYe sampled a piano from an Aphex Twin song or sumfink? Zzzzzzzzz. Someone let me know when he finally embraces his Chicago-house roots and raps about pumping Amber Rose 'til the early morn' over the effervescent piano intro to Move Your Body :

Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem)

Well, you'd presume it was about Amber Rose but it'd be a Baby Rides For Love by Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle type rope-a-dope where you'd be initially lulled in by the provocativeness, then enveloped by the music and all tapping into your inner-Frank Booth only for the penny to drop that it's actually about S&M with a trannie about 3 minutes in, leaving you to quickly make like Shaggy :


2SHIN said...

Not for nuttin but I feel like I've been waiting for The Martorialist to speak on that Jackie Chain joint that samples Tatu for years now...

I feel like I just really want him to not be shit just for the azn pride thing, we just need ONE good rapper, just ONE.

I always wondered why hip-hop producers never sampled classic house vocals. Surely Robert Owens voice lends itself to being chopped and screwed with in some way.

"Bring Down The Walls" could easily be used on a "ayo this shit is expanding yo conciousness, the government is oppressing black folks and freeing mumia abu jamal" kinda song.

Mo' Codenames said...

Or even a sex jam, with the walls in question being the walls of the pussy.

Jackie Chain will drop the first bonafide classic Now That's What I Call Music-rap album if he raps over Some Girls by Rachel Stevens, the Big Brother theme, and Do You Really Like It by DJ Pied Piper & Masters of Ceremonies next.

The ginger one from t.a.t.u kinda had that Bodil Joensen swag.

brad said...

who was it who did that chicago house song ‘i got a big dick’? lil b should sample that.

Mo' Codenames said...

I'm unaware of such a song, but it definately does sound like something which the kid Brandon could use.