Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Greatest movie scenes ever # 34

Fact-checking this post on IMDB, I couldn't help but notice the arguments about how Alphaville totally isn't as important a Godard movie as Breathless or how it completely doesn't quite sum up Godard's aesthetic to movie making like Pierrot Le Fou does, and it's like, jeez guys, if you really want to troll your fellow Godard fans on a message board then give 'em a c-section with the zing about how Alphaville's now burdened with the indignity of inspring a Kelly Osbourne video for the rest of eternity and keep steppin'. As a fan of Anna Karina and Herrmann-esque themes, I'll take Alphaville over Breathless every time (then again, I prefer the American remake to the original - it's all about the scene where Richard Gere runs through the backstreets to the strains of Link Wray's Jack The Ripper) since it's a gorgeously shot flick which spoofs the multiple American movie genre cliches Godard was fascinated with, and because the movie's sentient computer Alpha 60 (voiced by a geezer with an electronic voice box which had replaced his cancer ravaged larynx, and apparently a homage to the disembodied voice of Dr Mabuse in Fritz Lang's The Testament Of Dr Mabuse) pre-empts the question I might've asked myself after first hearing T-Pain on the Pop, Lock, And Drop It remix had I not first seen Alphaville after becoming a foreign film-fag back in 1995 : what would've happened if The D.O.C had remade The $20 Sack Pyramid with some Auto-Tune software?

Alpha 60 : what do you love above all?
Lemmy Caution : Gold and women.

^^ My man. Even Termanology and John Brown from The White Rapper Show were probably making Auto-Tune tracks during its zenith in popularity, so I never want to hear anyone rapping through the device again unless it's Z-Ro in Relvis Presley mode or Big Twin Gambino from Infamous Mobb :

Prodigy & Big Twin Gambino - Box Cutters

Can you imagine Big Twin rapping via Auto-Tune over some aquatic thug-shit like this, which is like a John Carpenter score to an alternate ending of Escape From New York where Snake and the President jump into the toxic waters of the Hudson River to wait for Lee Van Cleef to rescue them? While I enjoyed a lot of Bandana P's 2006 - 2008 muzak it'd be silly of him to return to rapping as his primary occupation when he gets out of the slammer given his considerable talents in other areas like blogging and viral videos. He's MrChiCity, Necro's message boarding persona, and Jessi Slaughter's dad all rolled into one pint-sized thun.


James said...

Have you seen the Prodigy Worldstarhiphop video where he talks about snitching? So funny.

Mo' Codenames said...


Mr Bozack said...

Fck me, never seen that Kelly O' vid! That's a potential post - rap vid film homages that aren't nods to Scarface/Godfather/Casino etc etc

Mo' Codenames said...

or New Jack City/Menace II Society type hood flicks.


Mr Bozack said...

Does that mean you've already done it or there basically aren't any?

Mo' Codenames said...

I'm sure there must be, but I really can't think of any.