Monday, 1 November 2010


Harlem Forever is one of those singles I meant to post about but never quite got around to mentioning on here like Fabolous's I'm Raw ("her and my dick just became b-f-f/then I threw her out like Jazzy J-e-f-f" - who needs a *new* album of rececyled Big L verses when you have Fab'?), Inkredible by Trae ft. Weezy & Ross (why'd they have to let Rawse on this?), Joell Ortiz's Project Boy (I really like Brooklyn Bullshit in a Chubb Rock sorta way, but dude doesn't have the voice or demeanour for a Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers and so this ended up being 1 of the 2 bangers a year which Primo averages now which was totally wasted), Back 2 Tha Future (beatjacks of early 90s NY rap totally defeats the whole purpose of why I listen to southern rap) and Money In The Sky (now that's more like it) by G-Side, and HaHa (Slow Down) by Fat Joe & Jeezy (Jeezy seemingly can't come up with a single to lead off Thug Motivation 103 to save his life so who let fucking Fat Joe gaffle the certified jam which can work as a street or radio record?), so here's a post about why it's an incredibly important song :

Juelz Santana ft. Jim Jones & Tobb Cobain - Harlem Forever

This is your conclusive, irrefutable proof that the problem with Drake isn't his songs or even his pregnant pause rhyme-style but the guy himself as Juelz et Jim recast Forever's basic fuselage and, um, Aubreyisms into something kinda fly. Enough has already been written about how listening to a Canadian teen-soap actor rap like Wayne on the most boring The Carter 3 songs would be as ridiculous as Mario Lopez trying to rap like Ice Cube circa Lethal Injection (it goes without saying that Friends Forever > Forever), and how he's a superfluous R&B figure when The Dream and Trey Songz are pumping out music regularly, so I'll just add that I don't listen to rappers who even I could take in a fight, and that the Martorialist crew recently had the misfortune of catching the last 10 minutes of a Drake live show supporting Jay-Z where he concluded his performance by kneeling down on the edge of the stage to give the various chubby 15 year old white and Indian girls in his front row shower-nozzle masturbation material by declaring that they're "so sexy" and pointing them out individually for the JumboTron to let them know that he'd "take you home tonight if I could, baby". Dude is a disgrace to the artform which gave us Poison Clan :

Poison Clan - Put Shit Pass No Ho


step one said...

"I don't listen to rappers who even I could take in a fight"


Id probably like this more if they hadnt used the chorus. Im still hoping for some good Dipset music this winter though.

done said...

drake needs to be outed as the gay rapper already.

rawse is the 2010 fat joe. great voice, a lack of originality and personality but gradually achieved better technical ability due to perseverance/ghostwriters. but i have to be honest i kinda like em both, particularly ricky, hes great taste in beats and is entertaining and funny in a ridiculous way. actual 2010 fat joe sucks bollocks tho

freind forevers hilarious, did i imagine it, or is there an episode where zack raps? that fab tunes great also

Mo' Codenames said...

Yeah, Zack, AC, and Screech formed a rap group with AC doing the beatboxing. Can't believe that scene isn't on Youtube.

I just find Rawse irksome in the same way I find Joe Budden irksome, even though I've enjoyed the odd song of his when I've been under the influence of alchohol.

done said...

i cant stand budden either myself, especially his online presence. whereas phontes music bores the shit out me but i find his extracurricular stuff entertaining, despite showing himself up as a cunt almost as much as joe.

Mo' Codenames said...

I never really followed Phonte's online antics other than his Mobb Deep "Got rich and stopped trying" breakdown. School a brother on his shenanigans.

done said...

he was on point to an extent wit that mobb breakdown.

i havent really listened to his podcasts in yonks so i cant fully co-sign em but heres a recent one:

hes also good at findin funny youtube shit:
(avoid the film reviews tho)

theres also a great video somewhere where someone plays him a loada r n b classics and he comments on em.

so yeh hes a funny dude, not up to ra the rugged man standard but pretty good nonetheless

done said...

oh, he also has this great myspace post in response to when little brother were supporting three-six and some other "trap rappers" andthe response to their set was (understandably) tumbleweed. he basically calls his fans intelligent and southern rap fans stupid, despite bein southern himsef.

maybe its not the best recommendation but i remember it had some lolz. not up to lupe vs bol standards tho. the flipside of too much access to my favourite rappers with internet is that ones id hate otherwise end up bein really entertaining.

Mo' Codenames said...


These'll tide me over for now until Prodigy starts blogging again.

done said...

oh hes definily not fuckin with ballerina P. if kanye had a real blog hed be the g.o.a.t. tho. im not gonna filter through all the pictures of japanese arcitecture and obscure models tryna find the posts in all caps

Mo' Codenames said...

Has KanYe had a proper Twitter beef with anyone yet?

done said...

dont think so but lil b threatening to fuck him in the ass coulda been a good one if it wasnt for kanye being so enlightened about homos.

its actually pretty surprising theres been no beef yet given his nature, could be possible it really is an act. or maybe his pr team screen all his tweets