Friday, 13 August 2010

Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone by Pretty Tone Capone

Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge in the upcoming Fright Night remake? This can't be life.

So, after asking if anybody out there had an mp3 of Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone from the Def American Records 1992 promo tape the other day, I finally found it myself.

Pretty Tone Capone - Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone

"Slick as a fox, knockin' chumps out the box
I rock fat gold chains, blow brains like snot
those who try to front get stuffed in my trunk
I rip off necks and leave bodies in dumps
stash the pump, roll a blunt, go to lunch
wax the Benz when I'm done watchin' the Brady Bunch"

Wonder if Tone was a Carol or Marcia kinda guy? Carol would've had the proverbial Wizard's Sleeve after squeezing out 3 kids so it's gotta be Marcia all day, every day. Obligatory crudity outta the way, P.T.C delivers exactly what I want for a song with that title, his WHAT! adlibs were proto-Nore/Stone Cold Steve Austin, Nautilus samples are always a good thing (hell, even The Dream Warriors were almost listenable over Nautilus), and the scratched "can't talk too long on the telephone" and "hop in your rover, come right over" Tone vox snippets from Gangster Shit on the hook are both used to excellent effect. Two thumbs up.

I 'spose it's only right to up the other notable P.T.C track from his meagre catalogue to round these MobStyle posts off. Across 110th Street is baller-baller, but neither Gangster Shit Part 2 and Sexy (fuck that later unreleased horrorcore track G-Spot from 1995 completely) are not at all a baller, nor do they have have any particular historical relevence aside from the latter being a preferable alternative to the other main MobStyle cringeworthy love-jam Play 4 Keeps. Thankfully Tone doesn't do the Paulie Walnuts voice he used on Marked 4 Death for Across 110th Street (both songs come from the same EP, y'see), and his last verse on it is some of my favourite rapping by him. Impressively trife for a song recorded sometime around 1991 or 1992-ish.

Pretty Tone Capone ft. J-Nitti - Across 110th Street

"Last but not least, another Pretty masterpiece
I get dough, blow up like yeast
on the streets I walk, I'm the king of New York
up-north I rip soft n*ggas with a fork
use a knife and spoon in the Temple Of Doom
slung down, low-down, showdowns at noon
pack your bags or get smacked with the Mag'
the Mob is deep in the Saab and the Jags
rag-top, fuck a cop, you can't stop this
sissy soft faggot n*ggas I'ma knock quick
don't you jock this, yo, I'm blastin'
puttin' pussy mens in a casting
traction coma, you're a blood donor
Pretty Tone got a homicide diploma
you can't school me, I blast toolies
from yours truly *mwah*, diamonds and rubies
n*ggas are booty, soft like shit
I swing with kingpins but I'm legit
pass the brick, Pretty Tone want a hit
park your Benz if you don't got a kit
tell your friends, make ends meet
you better roll deep when you pass One-Tenth Street"

Attention rappers : unless you're armed with nothing more than household cutlery to fight the abominable heathens who reside in the Temple Of Doom on some Richard IV taking on the might of the Turkish army with a small fruit knife in series 1 of Blackadder type shit, then, please fall back.

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Mark said...

Been looking for "Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone" forever. Good looks on posting it.

Boothe said...

Oh shit, you changed your look. Gotta get on that too.

MF said...

Be careful, Boothe. I fucked about on a Blackberry messing with this place and then realised that A. you can't ever switch back to the old Blogspot template once you've used the new feature, and B. the colours on the new templates suck.

They don't have the old Midnight Blue I used to use (I loved that colour) on any of the new templates, and this grey/black combo looks a bit drab, but it's the best I could find on there for now.

Boothe said...

Yeah, that's why I've been slow to change. It's been a bit of task trying to find the right colors.

Try using the color number #101d5d in the advanced options. I think it's close to what you had before.

MF said...

Ah, I'll check that one out, thanks.

Mr Bozack said...

Fuck me yeh - all gone a bit upmarket in 'ere. Won't be long before you've forgotten all of us and you're comparing Tweets with Stephen Fry, Gaga etc in the celeb bloggers equivalent of The Ivy or suh'tin.

Reckon colour's aiite tho - on some funereal ish.

MF said...

The new colour has grown on me in a Fritz Lang stylee.

James said...

Mobstyle posts were all great, mate.

That Game Over documentary is fascinating.