Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Keak Da Sneak - Maxi Pads

What we have here is another illustration of Bay producers looking back to the sounds of the eighties to reinterpret into something that's thoroughly NOW. A song which summons up the image of a mid-blob sanitary towel chaffing up against Biffin's Bridge really shouldn't make you wanna Shake It Like Louise Woodward, though, huh?

"T-t-t-t-touch mo' ass...
I touch mo' ass than maxi pads"

Keak Da Sneak - Maxi Pads

Much like Gucci Mane, Keak is a rapper who I can only listen to in small chunks due to his, ahem, unorthodox voice grating on my nerves after about 3 songs in succession, but, gosh, he really knows how to come up with an anthemic slap every now and then, and I'll concede that the rap game would be a much better place with more rappers who sound like BOB from Twin Peaks and fewer rappers who sound like the current incarnation of B.o.B. Rappers strumming on acoustic guitars like Tracy Chapman or some busking faggot belting out Razorlight numbers in front of the bank need to get done like the Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine did The Bushwackers.

Really didn't think DJ Fresh could top that Baserock Babies beat (essentially a 2010 take on Celly Cel & UGK's Pop The Trunk) this year, but this MIGHT be even better. The verdict is out until we've given it a road test on the way to see Piranha 3D on friday night. That movie best provide more splatter than a used jam-rag bin in a public toilet or da streetz are gonna troll IMDB demand blood, blud.


Thomas said...
My favorite Keak song of the year, sort of has an 80's vibe to it as well.

MF said...

I'm feelin' that.

P.I.M.P over that old Jeckyll & Hyde beat by Keak was great too.

James said...

I've been reading Thomas's site since you linked it and he posted another Keak song w/ DJ Fresh called "Favorite Rappa" which is really good.

MF said...

Lemme search that shit.

2SHIN said...

I really wanna know how Adebisi kept his little hat on whilst wearing it in the most obtuse angles possible.

My favourite Oz scenes are when Schillinger rapes Tobias like a champ. no homo.

MF said...

Adebisi's head obviously had some sort of magical voodoo power of magnetism for wool.

Vern raping Peter Schibetta was his ultimate buttfuck, imo.

"Y'know, I always wondered : is Adebisi's dick bigger than mine? be the judge"