Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Martorial elegance # 36

No the John Wayne rumour in Repo Man, but in theory I'm feelin' my man here on his experimentation with female clothes : male fashion has regressed so much over the last 100 years or so to the point where all we're left with is a handful of perfunctory basics and I feel extreme surges of Patrick Bateman-esque jealousy at the sheer volume of choice women have with attire, so, on one level I can only applaud a dude who takes a stand against this monontony and repression with his regalia.

But deciding that your motif of protest is gonna be a pair of Uggs, a boot originally worn by Australian male surfers which strongly resemble those insulated suede boots that manual labourers wear, is like throwing a paddy over an internet deadpool which includes a deceased mate of yours when you've made light of dead prostitutes for tv comedy shows and a friend of yours runs a ghoulish Shearings Holidays type enterprise ferrying tourists around Miami and California to see where Versace got his wig twisted and Anna Nicole Smith Overdosed. You smell me?

Ice-T - Bitches 2

Speaking of Ice-T, Thomas over at 100 Grand On My Wrist, Yeah Life Sucks recently made a post about a couple of joints by NhT Boyz currently poppin' in the Bay (Slidin' is great) which reminded me that they were the group who remade Ice's 6 In The Morning earlier this year.

NhT Boyz - 6 In The Morning

That "and I catch a n*gga sleepin' put his life in the scope/now he takin' off his chain like his bicycle broke" line FTW.


Boothe said...

wow...just wow.


Thomas said...

I feel like an internet celebrity right now...

dj said...

I know a man who wears Ugg boots. He's South African with that really thick accent, like he wants to be shouting at kaffirs in afrikaans all the fucking time, wears his thinning hair in a retro mullet style, gets those professional photoshoots where the pictures are £75 pound a pop and you wear a pristine white vest, goes snowboarding and cheated on his wife in the first year of marriage.

He's a cunt.

MF said...

He sounds kinda amazing, DJ.

Most of the dudes I see in Uggs are your generic bleached blond Rory and Toby types who wear them with head-to-toe Jack Wills.

They're cunts too.