Thursday, 27 December 2012

Martorial elegance : A-Mafia edition

Not even mad that Realest N*gga In My City has turned out to be the best cut on the new A-Mafia mixtape because it's a top 3 N.Y joint of 2012 and attests to 'Mafia's insistence that The War Report is his favourite Rap CD, nor am I particularly mad that he's featured the Real Live Pro remix on no less than 4 successive mixtapes now because he probably paid a pretty penny for 2 Chainz's presence so he might as well get his money's worth since the video has yet to hit 50 thousand views.

What am I am visibly umadd about is that the best new cut on the 'tape has been bestowed with an in-studio performance video where our host is wearing a hoody made by Super Dry AKA the piss-poor pretend-Japanese British brand beloved of sports science student wankers, casual dads who are way too old to be wearing tacky heavily logo-ed clothing, provincial banter lads who think Top Man Rihanna t-shirts & elasticated chinos are for benders, and racially confused yout's who can't afford Jack Wills :

"Some days it was no meals
everything no frills
how I'ma ride my bike when it ain't got no wheels?"

A-Mafia - Story Of My Life
(From Straight Savage mixtape; 2012)

My worst Rap nightmare writ large has got me all Natalie Imbruglia : on one hand, A-Mafia's heartbreaking tale of growing up poor on Story Of My Life makes me want to give him a firm, manly bro-hug; on the other hand, I can't possibly emotionally invest in a Rapper who wears clothes worn by the worst sub-sections of British society.


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brad said...

hell rell presents george by asda lugers

Bogota Bog said...

Us Northern Europeans should send a well meaning letter to all American rappers we like, just to explain, everytime they wear SuperDRY or GStarRAW etc.