Sunday, 30 December 2012

Top 3 things I've learned from the 100GrandOnMyWrist 2012 collabo post

1. That story about Husalah having no idea who Feva is or how his verses ended up on Handsome and HighSide is really true.

2. I completely forgot about that Philthy Rich joint with DB Tha General, which is way more deserving of a place on my best songs of 2012 list than 3 Bitches At The Same Time.

3. The only thing more popular with Thomas' cabal of buddies from the Rap innanet than Cousin Fik songs/songs featuring Cousin Fik is some dope HD & G-Dirty joint with a Marvin Gaye sample that even Thomas had slept-on.

Check the post and my contribution here.


done said...

I forget about so many good Philty songs because theyre Philty songs, someone needs to slog through all those tapes & make a best of.

Thomas said...

Hey thanks for contributing again this year broski.

3 Things I learned:

1.) David Drake is bad with deadlines
2.) Googling "rap illuminati" pulls up all sorts of wild shit
3.) All of my blog frenz are good and lovely and I appreciate them uniting with me (no homo)

Fredo Fantano said...

Fonzie thumbs up.

David said...

David Drake is bad at deadlines for unpaid blog posts

and some paid ones :(