Monday, 10 December 2012


Thank you, tastemaker Noz - @$$ On The Internet and Leggings Song from Dormtainment's Broke and Famous album are very much relevant to this blog's interests, and their earlier hit Fart In Front Of Me is some reality-Rap, I really go through it!!!!

"It might smell bad, but it feels so good
your fart in the morning gives me morning wood"

Dormtainment - Fart In Front Of Me
(From We're Not Rappers But We Rap mixtape; 2010/Youtube; 2011)

Can we get a Mic Terror X Dormtainment collabo ASAP, plz?


AK said...

Tres Joycean.

bradley said...

realest shit ever rapped!

Anonymous said...

Best song ever.