Friday 21 December 2012

Letter To My Son by Don Trip was a shit song

Thankfully Grip Plyaz is here for all you dudes out there IRL struggling with erstwhile baby-momma drama this Christmas who don't want to listen to an overly-earnest $tarlito wannabe who completely misses the point by Rapping with TOO MUCH EMPHASISSSSS. Sendin' this one out to official extended Martorialist famalam Chemical Alan and Scotty Dee :

"I can't believe she tried to play me
shawdy took my son and drove a n*gga slap crazy"

Grip Plyaz - Child Support
(From Purp, Wind And Fire album; 2012)

It's a testament to how phantasmagorically good Child Support is that it could pass as a lost DJ Quik & Robert Bacon-produced cut for Backbone on the Dungeon Family compilation album. You cheap bastards have no excuse in not downloading the six good songs from Purp, Wind And Fire now you no longer have to pay for them. Just ignore the three songs featuring Trinidad James on a general point of principle even if one of them is actually pretty good, okay? Naw, neo-Rap space cadet, this ain't the place for dat.


Catfish said...

Two of the three songs with Trinidad James on this are nice.

Mackey said...

"Stuntman Mike" from last year was much underrated.