Monday 17 December 2012

Master P's version of the trademark Rick Ross grunt ad lib >>>>

I got questions like Percy Miller on the Tru 2 Da Game intro :

1. Doesn't it warm your cockles to know that P can vanish from the Rap game for years, reappear, and not miss a trick in re-imagining whichever Gang$ta-Rappers are currently popular in his own inimitably eccentric image like it's 1992 - 1998 all over again?

2. Post-RealN*ggaTumblr, can we all agree that the only good things to come out of A$AP Rocky's career are the Trilla instrumental and the re-emergence of P and No Limit?

3. How'd I manage to completely miss I Ain't Feelin' That until yesterday when I've kept abreast with everything else P has dropped over the last year or so from the TMZ : Too Many Zeros, the joint with Game, and all those recent tracks with Fat Trel & Alley Boy?

4. What's gonna infuriate Rap purists more : the first dope Primo beat in years having Master P rhyming on it or I Ain't Feelin' That right chea being better than anything on that milquetoast new Big Boi album?

"Don't ask me why I'm doin' it 'cause, bitch, I'm so real
got bananas for the monkeys, pull 'em out and let 'em peel"

Master P ft. Louis V Mob - I Ain't Feelin' That
(From the internet/Uptown Veteran mixtape; 2012)


H.L. said...

How is Rocky responsible for P's reemergence? Did they collaborate or something?

I don't think purists, or anyone really, still has disdain for Master P. They just ignored it because Game was involved. I agree, it's a realy dope record. I'm glad it leaked before Primo could throw scratches on it, because it works as it is imo.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Oh, they definitely do still have disdain for Master P judging by message board threads/Youtube comment sections for HVN4AGNGSTA.

A$AP Rocky mentioned P on a couple of songs, then ended up bringing him out on stage at Coachella to do Make 'Em Say Uhh! and released a video of them hanging out backstage together.