Saturday, 8 December 2012

I can do dat

Proudest Martorialist achievement of 2012? Inspiring the O.G Boom-Bap dinosaur blog don Robbie to quote DB Tha General lyrics on teh Twitter!

What, you ain't know ya boy Paul Robbin' Son right chea and Robbie go back like Harold Bishop and Lou Carpenter? The Rap internet is like Lassiters and most of these dudes are just rentin' rooms in our hotel, motel, holiday inn.

Aussie soap-related Rap puns time : ErinsDorrough, Toadfish RebecChi Ali, Joan A$AP Ferguson, Prisoner Celly Cel Block H, Summer Ay Bay Bay, Thuns & Daughters.


Fulci Lives said...

Alessi Twins Gambino, Donald D Fisher, Harold Bishop Lamont, The Freak Mill, Too Shortland Street, Fat Joe Mangle, Paul Wall Robinson, Jim Jones Robinson, Scott Storch Robinson.

done said...

My eyes popped when I saw him tweet that! Missed the DB quote though, youre doing gods work.

Marilyn 36 Chambers
The Flyest Doctors
Susan Doo Doo Dumb Kennedy
Chip Da Pippa
Yabbi Crakk

Boothe said...

I thought you were gonna mention this

step one said...

Doug E Fresh Willis

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Des and Lil' Daphne.

2SHIN said...

Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Timmins