Friday 28 August 2015

Xenophobia with that lean

That feeling when you hate Drake's Worst Behavior yet you love tracks which feature brazen jackings of the Worst Behavior flow like So Bad by Caskey and Been A Long Time by A-Wax...

A-Wax - Been A Long Time
(From EverLasting Money album; 2015)

A-Wax's new album then; not as good as Pullin' Strings but much better than Everybody Loves Me Chapter 2. Whittle the track list down to EverLasting Money, Tried As An Adult, Smoke Alone, Never Saw It, Been A Long Time, Jokes On Me, Coulda Been, + I'll Be Fine and, et voilĂ , you're left with a nice-not-nice EP of A-Wax runnin' through the Pitts' with his woe.

Hunnid Nights doesn't really fit in with the Downcast For The Count ambiance of my trimmed down version but S/O to Erk Tha Jerk for his "took my new bitch out to dinner at a steakhouse, saw my old bitch in the bushes like a stakeout" couplet on there.


Mike said...

Erk Tha Jerk just dropped the first "Netflix And Chill" song

Dee said...

No Vacancy is fire too. But yeah, this didn't need to be 15 tracks.

Anonymous said...

"Smoke Alone" is the one